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Course: Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Abstract Form)

  • 20th Century Club 84 S. Lansdowne Ave. Lansdowne, PA 19050 usa (map)

This class introduces and drills the basic postures and movement combinations of the T’ai Chi Chuan 37 short form (also known as the Cheng Man Ch’ing style or Yang Abstract form). This moving meditation sets into motion the internal energy traveling through the body known as “Chi”. We will practice breathing and moving meditation techniques to warm-up/promote the flow of “Chi” through the body. As a healing element this flow of energy increases circulation, calms the mind, relaxes the muscles and heals nervous, organic and skeletal problems. In addition to the form, we will practice partner exercises known as Tui Shou (“push hands”) to help develop a deeper awareness of how to overcome force by neutralizing its power rather than adding to the conflict. The essence of the form can be summarized by the words “sink”, “relax” and “yield.” 

When: Thursdays, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm, 10 Weeks, Sept. 14 – Nov. 16
Fee: $125; Drop-in $15/class
Instructor: Gabrielle de Burke, Experienced/Certified Teacher