Student Testimonials


“Gabrielle’s yoga style is a wonderful blend of restorative, relaxation, & rejuvenation. She gives you a great stretch without you even realizing it. She has a particular gift for modifying postures in a progression that meets the needs of everyone in the class.”

~ Jane Sanders Miller (Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Research Editor)


“Gabrielle is an extraordinary teacher. I did not think yoga was ‘for me’ until I took one of her classes. She seems to intuitively know what each student needs and structures the class so that both group and individual needs are met. Not only did I find peace and tranquility when taking her classes, but my body opened up and healed itself. Chronic pain from old injuries melted away.”

~ Charlotte Hummel (Attorney at Law)


“Gabrielle has a deep understanding of the body and how yoga practice transforms into our own spirit of movement. She brings years of knowledge and experience to her teaching, leading classes that are well paced and peaceful.”

~ Patricia Haddad (Musician, Performer, Arts Educator)


“Gabrielle’s warm and unique style creates a welcoming, inspiring environment in any given quarters.  Her flowing, grounded approach makes for a really fun way to get connected with oneself and ones environment.  The comfort she provides by simply being herself helps make self-exploration a treat no matter where one is on their path; she truly keeps it real, and her classes are a delight.”

~Angela Armour (Massage Therapist and Hoop Dance Instructor)

"I was always afraid to take a yoga class, but Gabrielle makes it easy and fun. She's explains everything very clearly, and is hands-on to make sure that you are doing every pose correctly and safely."



“Gabrielle is attentive to the personal needs of each person in her class; always encouraging you to ‘reach for that stretch’ but also to only do what your body will allow.   

~Laurie Callan (Full-Time Mom)


"When I walk into Gabrielle's yoga class the stress in my body or the migraine that has been pounding in my head is all but forgotten by the end of Gabrielle's yoga class. From the music, to the soothing way Gabrielle speaks, the Restorative yoga & qi-gong classes will renew, re-energize and make you feel whole again.  Everything that is taught in class makes you very aware of your thoughts and your body. I'm not sure how we were so fortunate to have Gabrielle but I am truly grateful."

~Colleen King (Accreditation Coordinator)


“Gabrielle's teachings combine elements from her trainings in dance, yoga, martial arts. In her Yo-fu workshop, she guided us on a journey that flowed smoothly between those elements while her open and inviting energy made the class a pleasure to take part in :)”

~Rachel Green (Dance Therapist)


"The Dragon Spirit Yoga & Chi Kung workshops with Gabrielle are awesome! Her classes are always innovative, interesting and challenging. She has thoughtfully created unique system of Yoga infused with Kung-fu/Tai Chi/Chi-kung influenced postures &   practices that allow for concentrated deep stretching of the muscles tendons and ligaments. Gabrielle also incorporates releasing tension from vital energy centers, while revitalizing them at the same time. I like her workshops because it seemed more focused on concentration of the mind with the body vs. just the physical poses. My best description of her workshop would be “Fusion Yoga.” I would consider the Dragon Spirit Yoga Vinyasa Fusion Flow workshops moderately difficult. I am still a beginner at Yoga, however her classes are engaging and motivate me to continue practicing. Gabrielle is an intelligent, encouraging and patient teacher. If you are taking her vigorous class bring 2 water bottles!!! You will definitely work up a sweat!!! I look forward to her next workshop!!!"

~Jill M. (Physical Therapist)


Gabrielle has taught me my inner self-strength over the past 13 + years through the practice of learning the internal/martial arts of T’ai Chi, Chi-kung & Yoga. The practice of balancing poses, core strengthening, slow breathing, relaxation and self reflection have taught me that healthy exercise does not have to be hard on my body, while opening me up to a new awareness in my being!

~H.K. (Long-time Student)


I have known Gabrielle for about 14 years, since i first began working with her privately. She is a woman of integrity and high morals-in both her personal and professional life! She is a master healer and very knowledgeable in her profession. My total experience for all the years working with her has been that she helps me learn to relax, which is hard to do for a type “A” personality such as my self. I highly recommend her as a private instructor & Thai bodywork practitioner!

~J.B.K. (Long-time Client)


“Radiant Lotus qigong and Dao Yin Yoga are practices that are yin/female oriented…Having seen Gabrielle move so gracefully and explain qigong so true to its essence, I am excited to have her offerings be closer to our corner of the Philly region for all to benefit.”

 ~Margaret Kinnevy (RN , MAc & Acupuncturist)


I have been taking classes in Yoga in some form since 1969. I consider the practice to be essential to my health and well-being. Gabrielle is a highly knowledgable practitioner and her classes  seamlessly combine the spirit with the physical practice.  I leave her class each week refreshed and serene, and eagerly look forward to the next meeting. 

~Nan Gilbert


“From the first night I attended Gabrielle’s Dragon Spirit Yoga class I was greatful. When I arrived home I realized the stress I usually carry in my neck was gone. I’ve been practicing Yoga for years and this was the first time I noticed an immediate change  in my body, mind and spirit.”

~Terry Bradley (Grateful Student)


“I had such a great experience. This was my first yoga retreat and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Not only was the yoga part great, the location was perfect, the acupuncture added a dimension I had not expected, and our group was diverse and super interesting. The singing bowls that Amber played for us at the end were truly magical. I got a lot more out of the weekend than just learning new yoga techniques. This sounds a little corny, but it was life enriching… Other than that I thought Minerva’s was great, and of course, Emma (the owner of Minerva’s) is amazing.” 

~Carole H. (Runner and Yoga enthusiast)


“This was a fantastic yoga retreat that provided my wife and I with much needed calmness of mind. Gabrielle is a patient Asian arts expert and a caring instructor.” 

~John F. (IT Manager)


“I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat. It was exactly what I needed to kick start my practice and re-ground myself in the moment… classes were educational, well-paced and catered to the various, specific needs of the participants. I’m still enjoying the effects from workshops and the massage after several days at home. Thank you.”

~Aaleron Vancouver (Massage Therapist)


*Many of these Testimonials speak directly to the work of Owner/Operator & Lead Instructor/Training Director-Gabrielle de Burke... the Dragon Spirit Arts Studio has just opened in March, 2017... We will gladly list Testimonials specific to the studio as we receive them (in the meantime check our Facebook & Yelp for Reviews)!