About Ongoing Classes

Each class costs $15 as a drop-in or counts as 1 credit off your class card.
Advanced registration is appreciated, as space is limited!

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 Sunrise    Flow

Balanced Asana & Vinyasa


This class integrates a balanced Yin and Yang approach to a gentle yet vigorous inspired practice, based on the idea of being in harmony with the rising Sun. Salutations to the Sun and Moon / Surya and Chandra Namaskar stimulate the body and tunes in the mind for a focused flow / Vinyasa sequences that bring it all together. Equal emphasis is placed on the posture flows and still poses (or solar and lunar aspects) of practicing "being in union" / the art of Yoga... Rise and Shine on! Appropriate for Experienced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. 


Gentle Flow


Slow & Steady  Vinyasa


Grounded in the concept of harmonizing with the earth’s cycles, less active / Yin inspired practice explores the subtleties of a slow paced relaxed flow / Vinyasa sequencing that’s geared toward unwinding in steady alignment with the setting sun. Expect mellow variation of Sun and Moon Salutation / Surya and Chandra Namaskar and a gentle energetic flow / Vinyasa sequences that keep it all connected.  This class is designed to inspire the embodiment of fluid movement and softly posed postures.  Appropriate for Experienced Beginner's, Intermediate and Advanced practitioners.  


Dynamic         Flow

Vigorous Vinyasa  Fusion


This vigorous fusion inspired practice engages participants by offering a dynamic range of movement with a powerful alignment of mental concentration, heart purification & physical coordination. The flow/Vinyasa style sequencing integrates creative transitions that incorporates a martial / internal arts aesthetic while moving from one Yoga pose or Asana to another. This class is designed for enthusiastic students seeking a unique and potent practice flow intended to fire up the Yang energy. Appropriate for Experienced Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. 


 T’ai Chi & Qi-gong for Everyone

Mindful & Meditative Movement


This Mindful Movement Meditation practice cultivates centering the Mind, steadying the Heart & aligning the Body with the Breath. Expect an Internal Arts approach to a practice in balance with the Martial Arts systems from which it originated. The sessions incorporate excerpted movements from various Traditional Chinese Medical Theory & Taoist Qigong (Chi-kung) techniques, as well as T’ai Chi forms. This movement practice is accessible to most everyone, often using the entire space to take movements across the floor space & other times using a small amount of standing space which allows for modification in seated position if needed (please be sure to give advanced notice prior to attendance if there are any mobility issues, so we can plan accordingly). Appropriate for Brand New Beginner, Experienced Beginner & Intermediate. 


Community Flow




Seva /
In Service


The premise of this class is to make the Yogic Arts accessible and to hold space for both the practitioner and the instructor, an opportunity to offer their practice in service of the community / Seva. Anticipate a conscious practice steeped in an offering of oneself that may lean toward a posture flow / Vinyasa or possibly with more focus on being in still postures / Asana (The style in which the practice is presented will vary depending on who is teaching). Once a month, the Community Class will give proceeds from suggested donations to a specific charity.  Check our Facebook for more info on monthly guest teachers/ benefiting organizations.  Appropriate for Experienced BeginnerIntermediate, and Advanced

$7 - $12 sliding scale, cash only (or 1 credit off class card / cash only for specified charity events). 


Back to Basics

Poses & Posture  Flow


Working with a "beginners mind," we take it back to basics! This class focuses on the fundamental principals of a healthy practice to help avoid injury that may be encountered at a more advanced stage. Plan to build solid foundations that will support a sustainable practice in years to come. The flow / Vinyasa aspect of this practice is slow paced, incorporating simple variations that don’t necessarily involve plank to upward dog or even caterpillar to cobra). Appropriate for Brand New Beginner, Experienced Beginner, and even Intermediate practitioners seeking a refresher. 





Restorative Poses &  Posture  Flow


Expect a class that incorporates a therapeutic approach to practice with focus on centering with the breath to bring the mental, emotional and physical centers into alignment. Inspired by the various schools of Yin yoga, this slow-paced style weaves together a series of longer held poses / Asanas, offering an opportunity for a meditative experience. While practitioners tend to hold poses for longer periods of time, a restorative internal arts flow of movement / gentle Vinyasa is usually incorporated for transition purposes or as a stand alone exercise. Myth, storytelling, poetry or philosophy are presented for a reflective experience and props are often used to access poses for time while honoring limitations. Each practice offers a space to meditate in the sweet surrender of being still in order to free the mind, heart and body from negative patterns. Appropriate for Experienced BeginnerIntermediate, and Advanced.


Women's   Qi-gong:  



Women Only


Radiant Lotus Women’s Qi-gong (RLWQ) is a self-healing internal art program specifically designed to empower women to practice self-health care. The program consists of a series of movement techniques and breath exercises that have the capacity to help practitioners realize their own individual healing potential and reach optimal levels of health. The fundamental elements of RLWQ consist of techniques like Shaking and Cupping, Self-Massage, Vibrational Sound Healing and the Kwan Yin Closing & Showering Qi Movement. Additional elements include the Balancing Movement with Phoenix Opening, Lotus Rises from the Water, Longevity Qigong Series and Emotional Release techniques. Appropriate for women; mature adolescents to senior students of all levels. 


Brand- New Yogis

Basic Poses & Movement


Come with a "beginners mind," bringing focus to the fundamental principals of a healthy practice to help avoid injury that may be encountered at a more advanced stage (after all advanced practice doesn’t necessarily mean pretzel poses or standing on your hands as much as it should be about “honoring limitations while exploring boundaries”). Plan to build a solid foundation that will support a sustainable practice in years to come. The flow / Vinyasa aspect of this practice is slow paced, yet fully engaging to build a steady pace for cultivating endurance, incorporating simple variations that that train the body to mind the spirit of the practice. Appropriate for Brand New Beginner, Experienced Beginner (even Intermediate practitioners benefit if seeking a refresher.)