Dragon Spirit Yoga

" Find Your Flow ”   

50 Hour Immersion


An Introduction to

The Art of Meditative Posture + Mindful Movement!


Immerse yourself in the sea of yogic arts! Quench the physical, spiritual & mental thirst for a training designed for thoughtful students, seeking to expand their understanding of yogic arts through a diverse exploration of the “yogic way of life”, body mechanics, physiology and the interrelation to the practice of certain poses and posture flows. Emphasis will be placed on learning beneficial body alignment to inspire optimal energy throughout the practice, while investigating how specific therapeutic needs can be addressed with applications that align the body. Participants will receive personal support and guidance to practice safely aligned postures, while examining how to avoid unsafe practices that often can lead to the most typical injuries. Plunge into a multitude of different postures & methods in which they can be performed. Enhance your overall understanding, reveal the “yogic” mysteries & help improve the mind, spirit and body of your practice!

This course is a prerequisite for the Dragon Spirit Yoga “Vinyasa Fusion Flow” Teacher Training. You may participate in this Immersion as the first step towards getting certified as an Instructor or consider it an opportunity to create more depth in your own individual practice.



WINTER 2020  Immersion Dates + Times:

4 Weekends in Jan on Saturdays & Sundays 

(More Details TBA)


A $200 non-refundable deposit is required by August 1st, 2018 to hold your spot (Register as early as August 2019).

Tuition is $600 if paid in full by "Early Yogi Deadline" of November 1st 2019 (or $725 after), DISCOUNTED RATE IS PAYABLE BY CASH/CHECK ONLY!}

Tuition is $725 if choosing Payment Plan & make initial deposit by Early Yogi Deadline (installments of $300, $225 and $200).

The tuition fee and the 50 immersion hours can be applied toward the  200 Hour Teacher Training.

Existing RYTs/ERYTs can submit their Continuing Education Credit hours to the Yoga Alliance.





To apply to attend the Immersion and/or the Teacher Training, please contact Dragon Spirit Arts Studio's program director, Gabrielle de Burke.



About the Lead Instructor ,

Gabrielle de Burke



Gabrielle de Burke is an experienced healing arts practitioner and a certified instructor of Taoist and Vinyasa Yoga (E-RYT) and Radiant Lotus Women’s Qi-gong. She also teaches Tai Chi Chuan, Animal Kung-fu, and Capoeira, all of which have influenced her teaching style. Her eighteen years of practice in the Vedic and Taoist martial and internal arts have deeply shaped her work as a teacher. 

She shares her expertise in hopes that she can help each of her students find their own path in the art of practicing their own way. Gabrielle’s work as a practitioner and instructor continually intersects with her work as an inter-disciplinary performance artist through the combining of internal/martial arts with original dance/movement arts, spoken word/poetry, voice, theater and music presentation. For more on Gabrielle, explore her teacher profile




Teacher Trainee Testimonials



“I had the privilege of being a participant in Gabrielle’s 50 hour immersion in the Fall of 2015 . . . I have gained a better understanding of the relationship between anatomy/physiology and yoga, and have a better appreciation for taking care of my body, avoiding injury and growing comfortable with my limitations. Gabrielle is highly ethical, fun, spirited and energetic. Her knowledge of the body, yoga, medicine, the ethics and philosophies of the practice are invaluable. I can’t wait to continue training with Gabrielle . . . "

- Judie Schultz

“Gabrielle has a vast array of techniques and skills which she brings to the teaching and practice of yoga: sound understanding of anatomy and its application and adaptations to safe body movement, Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts), T’ai Chi, Qi Gong, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga, meditation, dance, theater. On the mat she guides students into expanded ways of moving (and using ever more and different muscles) by incorporating the cat like movement and subtle balance awareness of the martial arts into traditional yoga sequences. Combining astute vision and body mechanics she explained, demonstrated and corrected alignment of our poses…Throughout the entire intensive (Yoga Training Program) we were engaged in the process of deepening our practice, stretching our skills and attitudes, and even finding ways to move through perceived limitations into new levels of freedom and understanding. It was fun and inspiring. In a blink I would take the program again, knowing that Gabrielle would bring new insights, expanded subject matter, plus new challenges to stretch our concepts, bodies and practice.”

- Helene Von Rosenstiel