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Workshop: Chakra Balance Flow (Two/the Motion of Water)!

  • Dragon Spirit Arts Studio 201 West Baltimore Avenue Lansdowne, PA, 19050 United States (map)

Join Gabrielle for this Chakra Balance Flow Workshop Series where we explore the journey of manifestation, from Root to Crown & grounding back on down to Balance the 7 Chakras.

We will begin the journey by investigating the Subtle Body Anatomy associated with the 2nd of the 7 Major Chakras (aka the wheels of light) per session (see list below for theme). In this Workshop Series, Asana/Vinyasa (poses/posture flows), hasta Mudras (hand positions), Mantra (chants), visualization & meditation will be presented one at a time, so that we are able to go deeper... Each Workshop in the Series will focus on a few peak Therapeutic Poses & a sequence of Gentle Posture Flows designed to stimulate & bring Balance to that specific Chakra... plus Denise Orlando will join us to incorporate Essential Oils to further harmonize our practice-Mentally, Spiritually & Physically!  

This 1.5Hr Workshops is accessible to seasoned & experienced beginners interested in going deeper into the understandings of the Subtle Energy Systems!

  • Chakra Balance Flow (One/the Root of Earth) 5/18
  • Chakra Balance Flow (Two/the Motion of Water) 6/15
  • Chakra Balance Flow (Three/the Power of Fire) 7/20
  • Chakra Balance Flow (Four/the Heart of Air) 8/17
  • Chakra Balance Flow (Five/the Life of Sound) 9/21
  • Chakra Balance Flow (Six/the Light of Time) 10/19
  • Chakra Balance Flow (Seven/the Space of Thought) 11/16


$20 for Instructors/DSA Members (DISCOUNT FOR ALL 7 WORKSHOPS IS $100) 

$25 for Pre-registration (DISCOUNT FOR ALL 7 WORKSHOPS IS $135) 

$30 for Drop In @ the Door