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Lotus Rises Qigong Form Workshops w/ Daisy Lee!

  • Dragon Spirit Arts Studio 201 West Baltimore Avenue Lansdowne, PA, 19050 United States (map)

Join Master Teacher Daisy Lee for these 2 days of workshops...

The Lotus Rises Long Form is the next level in Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong cultivation which builds on the foundation practices. This 16-movement form enhances beauty, longevity and grace by increasing energy flow and internal strength through empowering movements. Women who have learned this form discover deeper layers of healing beyond the physical as previous mental constructs and behavioral patterns become clear and are released through this practice. Self-understanding as well as deeper comprehension of the world around us starts to unfold. 

*the Saturday Session will be open to both MEN & WOMEN... but Sunday is a Strictly Sacred Feminine Practice Space (WOMEN ONLY)!


Saturday & Sunday 11:30am-5:30pm (w/ break 1/2 way)


 $125 for early registration ($150 after June 14th). A Discount of $235 is offered for those wishing to take both Saturday & Sunday workshops ($260 after June 14th). 

*PLEASE NOTE: ALL DISCOUNTS REQUIRE PAYMENT BY CHECK, $ORDER OR CASH (unless other arrangements have been made). Pay to the order of & Mail to: Dragon Spirit Arts, 201 W. Baltimore Ave, Lansdowne, PA. 19050 (for further questions contact

Instructor Bio:

Daisy Lee is a respected leader in the Qigong world. She lectures and conducts workshops and instructor trainings internationally, with a specialty in women's health. Her signature program, Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong, is now taught by female instructors in 13 countries. The accompanying DVD series, "Beginner Qigong for Women' became a bestseller on Amazon within the first month of release. Daisy also teaches co-ed programs, including instructor certifications in 'Qigong for Cleansing' (Zhang Fu Gong) and ancient systems such as Wuji Hundun Qigong and Five Animal Qigong . She is the 59th generation lineage holder of Hua Tuo's original 5 Animal Frolics from Bo Zhou, China, a classic amongst Qigong systems. 

Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinai and Women's College are a few of the hospitals that have invited Daisy to teach at their facilities, bringing Qigong to patients and medical staff alike. A popular speaker at Qigong and TCM conferences, she has taught at the NQA (was their keynote in 2013), the Immortal Sisters Conference, the Health, Beauty and Longevity Conference in Beijing, and others.  

Daisy continues to inspire and empower people from all walks of life to take greater responsibility for their own health and well-being.   Her students and private clients include war veterans, Olympic athletes, NASA engineers, the Deaf community and youth. She is the consummate "Wandering Taoist", traveling around the world to share Qigong teachings. For more information about Daisy's work, visit