Tao Yin


Tao Yin is a Taoist style of yoga that originated from the Chi Kung traditions in the Hua Shan Mountains of China & was influenced by Kundalini Yoga practices from India. The unique fusion of these systems bestows the disciplined practitioner with the benefits of understanding the subtle energy systems of both the meridians (energy lines) & the chakras (energy centers) including the cultivation of Kundalini Serpent also known as the Dragon spine. Taoist exercises have been used for 3,000 years to strengthen the body, increase flexibility and oxygenation of blood, naturally massage the internal organs, release stress, prevent and heal illness, slow the aging process, enhanceability to focus, restore vitality, balance the emotions, align the chakras, open energy meridians, unlock blockages & generate the flow of chi through the body. While postures and names are similar among Yoga styles originating in India, the roots of this practice lends itself to the ancient chi kung traditions (Tao Yin) from China where Taoist legends associate particular Chinese myths with animal spirits (Dragon, Phoenix, Monkey etc.), mystics (Monk, Warrior, Goddess, etc.) & relates to various aspects of the Five Elements found in nature (Water, Metal, Fire, Wood & Earth) along with the integration of breathing techniques to balance movement with stillness (Yin/Yang).).


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