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90 Minute Monthly Gentle Flow w/ a Taoist Twist!

  • Dragon Spirit Arts 201 W. Baltimore Pike lansdowne United States (map)

Join us for our ongoing 90 Minute Monthly Yin Restorative session on a Friday evening … w/ a Taoist Yoga/Qigong Twist in honor of the Lunar New Year!

Grounded in the concept of harmonizing with the earth’s cycles, less active / Yin inspired practice explores the subtleties of a slow paced relaxed flow / Vinyasa sequencing that’s geared toward unwinding in steady alignment with the setting sun. Expect mellow variation of Sun and Moon Salutation / Surya and Chandra Namaskar and a gentle energetic flow / Vinyasa sequences that keep it all connected.  This class is designed to inspire the embodiment of fluid movement and softly posed postures.  

Appropriate for Experienced BeginnerIntermediate, and Advanced.

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