About  Jennifer Walsh

I took my first yoga class at a YMCA over ten years ago. I remember thinking afterward that I had found something I instantly connected to and couldn't wait to go the next week!  A few years went by before I started to get serious about my own practice. Now yoga is such a powerful part of my life.  It helps me feel grounded and centered and has enabled me to get to know my whole self better (even the messy parts).

I am extremely grateful for all of the wonderful teachers I have had on my yoga journey who continue to help shape my practice.  I completed my 200 hour teacher training specializing in Vinyasa Flow at Enso Studio in Media, PA in March of 2015.  I also have a certification in yoga for trauma and addiction through Transformation Yoga Project.  My teaching style reflects my belief that yoga is for everybody. I try to provide a safe space in my classes where I hope everyone feels free to explore how they are feeling in their bodies and make choices in their own practice that are right for them.