About  Helene Von Rosenstiel

Decades ago and ever since, alternative practitioners have advised that meditation, yoga or tai chi, walking, and a regular lifestyle were essential for my well being. Quickly the usual excuses took over: no time, too much work, inconvenient class schedules, unwillingness to change, resistance. Yet an unrequited yearning gnawed. 

I moved to Lansdowne in 2008.  A yoga studio with 6am classes opened in town a few years thereafter.  Finally,  prayers answered for a consistent yoga practice nearby.  Knowing little about yoga, I jumped in, immediately confronting no strength, little flexibility, and power yoga. No more excuses. No quitting either.  Nearly 4 1/2 years of 6am practice plus countless other classes, a totally unexpected promise (made  during a coffee gathering several years ago), that if my classmate Kate ever decided to take a teachers training I would do it also to support her, a 50 hour yoga immersion with Dragon Spirit Arts in fall of 2015. 

With an increasing sense of urgency to become certified to substitute at the 6am classes,  in January 2016 I received  teacher certification after an intensive 3 week, 200 hour Hatha Yoga training at Shambhava Yoga Konalani Ashram in Hawaii. While still in Hawaii, I was notified that Gabrielle had announced her long awaited, 3 month Dragon Spirit Arts “Vinyasa Fusion Flow” 200 hour teacher training which would commence in April. Having promised to participate in Gabrielle’s teacher training long before the fall immersion took place, I took a deep breath and stepped back on my mat,  completing the Dragon Spirit Arts 200 hr. training in fall 2016. 

Now, a personal  yoga practice combined with teaching allows me to synthesizes a love  and fascination of anatomy, the mind/body connection to well being, chanting, meditation, contemplation, and encourage and assist my students to seek their edge on the mat. 

Nature provides ongoing inspiration for yoga, botanical drawing and gardening. Reiki, community seva, and part time work allow me to practice in the world what I learn on the mat.