Guidelines for Practice


Remember, everyone is different… these are only guidelines for practice level!

Brand New Beginner /  taken none or a few classes but never practiced for any period of time.

Experienced Beginner / practiced yoga regularly for at least 2 to 3 years, has understanding of the foundations and can perform all basic postures.  

Intermediate /  practices yoga regularly for 3 to 5 years, or more, has significant understanding of the foundations and can apply them to performing most if not all intermediate postures.   

Advanced / practices yoga regularly for a decade or more, has excellent understanding of the foundations and can apply them to performing basic, intermediate and advanced postures.   

- Most internal and martial arts masters say that only after ten years of regular practice does one really begin to understand the fundamentals of yoga. Thus, the practice is not about arriving at the destination, but rather about the lessons revealed along the journey. -


Etiquette for Practice


BEFORE entering the studio space please turn off all cell phones. If by chance it does ring in class, please don't answer it... find it and turn it off.

Please store any used mats, blankets & scarves with respect after use.

Please NO perfumes, scented lotions, colognes (pure essential oil products are fine) or tobacco use (NO judgement here, just don't smoke before you come practice because your skin will release toxins and those around you could be allergic or at least distracted by the odor even if you are not). 

Please remove watches and loose fitting jewelry (bracelets, necklaces) this can be very disruptive to a practice, physically and energetically.

It's best to practice on an empty stomach... If you can please avoid eating 2-3 hours before class. A full stomach needs energy to digest food which pulls energy from our muscles. If you have to eat, make it a snack at least 1 hr. before. 

The door to the studio will be open 15 minutes prior to classes/workshops/events so that you can set up for practice. 

Please plan to arrive before class to take care of purchases from the Gallery/Boutique, after class it can get really busy.

Inquiries and questions about personal practices should be addressed in consultations and/or emails. If you are interested in booking treatments or consults please email or call in advance if possible.

Please take off your shoes before entering the studio and leave in the cubbies or under the coat hooks.

Bring as few personal items to class as possible. 

Please use the time before class to find stillness, and attune to your inner energy and Yogi Mindset. Fellow students use this time to quiet, meditate and center.

If you need to leave class early, please inform the teacher before class.

No chewing gum or food in the studio. 

Do not practice inverted asanas during menstruation. 

If you have physical considerations or on medication, please let the teacher know to receive modifications. 


Considerations for Practice

Consult with your doctor before beginning a practice in yoga, qi-gong, or tai chi. Not all practices are the same. If any of these health issues are previously or currently relevant, please inquire with any questions or concerns prior to dropping in on a class, so that we can guide you towards the most suitable practice.

There are a few specific yoga exercises that are not recommended for people with certain health contradictions, including: asthma, back injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, diarrhea, headache, heart problems, high / low blood pressure, insomnia, knee injury, low blood pressure, menstruation, neck injury and pregnancy. Again, be sure to advise us if any of this conditions apply to you.