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Advanced Registration is required for each series.

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Series: Baby & Me + Music

(Babes - Tots)


this class is an opportunity for babes & tots, moms & dads or whomever the caregiver is to participate in live music play & sing song interaction... at times musical instruments will be included so everybody can play along if they like... expect a range of music to be played!

Drop ins are $15 (Cash only) though its preferred that folks sign up for the entire 4 week series, which is a better deal @ $50 ($45 if you refer a friend who signs up for series)... the cost covers the space plus the time & travel of the music artists/arts educators who will be coming out to serve our community... Tell your friends to come have a date at Baby Music Play (We need a minimum number of babes in the mix to make it a go so be sure to register to help make great things like this happen in our community)!


Series: Mindfullness Meditation

(Seated Practice)



This guided mindfulness practice is an all-levels seated meditation class led by Hariprasad. During the hour, we practice the art of 'finding a comfortable seat' while exploring our breath. After meditating together silently, we will have an opportunity to read an intention and share our thoughts as a community. We will finish by sending loving-kindness into the world around us. This mindfulness practice at Dragon Spirit Arts is the perfect opportunity to reset our minds and our bodies while deepening our relationship with our community.


Series: Tai Chi & Qigong for Everyone

(Chair / Standing Practice)




Series: Pre-Natal Preparation

(Offered on Demand)



Expect to connect with the inherently deep and natural wisdom of your womb. This class is designed to help you tap into that wisdom and strength to prepare you mind, spirit & body for the journey of pregnancy, labor & delivery and postpartum recovery. Consider this an opportunity for building community with other moms while sharing experiences, concerns, resources and to give/receive support. All levels are welcome. 


Series: Post-Natal Vitality

(Offered on Demand)




Postnatal (Postpartum) yoga is usually appropriate for moms seeking a safe way to reclaim their physicality (about 6 -8 weeks after giving birth).  Focus is placed on strengthening the core of the body, including rebuilding abdominal, back, & pelvic floor muscles. Yoga & Qi-gong will be used to emphasize actions that support core health and to stretch out the kinks that develop from long periods of time spent sitting, nursing/feeding. The culmination of the practice offers a long the final resting pose to recalibrate. Consider this an opportunity for building community with other moms while sharing experiences, concerns, resources and to give/receive support. Babies up to 3 months are welcome to come with mom. All levels are welcome. 


Series: Conscious Kids Yoga

(Ages 6-10)


Explore, Imagine, Create! Yoga is a fun and creative way for children to explore the capabilities of the mind, body and spirit.   It provides a creative and constructive release for their abounding energy and teaches them how to focus, relax and calm their minds.  Most of all, children are challenged and have a great deal of fun practicing yoga! Yoga engages children by addressing all styles of learning while stimulating their conscious minds to think differently and outside the box. Children’s imaginations are cultivated and challenged through yoga inspired games, games that encourage focus, memory and physical fitness as well as body awareness. All of these things are imperative to a child’s development and to successfully navigate the world in which they live. Currently we are offering series appropriate for ages 7-10 (though we are interested in serving other age groups, if there is enough interest).  


Series: Baby & Me + Flow

(6 wks. - Pre crawlers)



This class if for new Mamas (or Papas) and their babies. Mom (or Dad) gets to have a chance to engage in the soothing benefits of practice while also savoring the special time being playful with their little Yogi / Guru. Restore the body, quiet the mind and love yourself and the baby.  It’s all about going with the flow!